Online Poker Casino Rules

You will read about the rules of poker variations and get to know all about the poker session. In order to start gambling and winning at poker you do not have to learn about How To Play Roulette and online roulette tips and moreover, you should not learn about compulsive gambling

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Holdem Poker

Hold’em poker is played with the special button which moves after each hand and determines the player as the dealer.

Before the cards deal the initial pot is made of the compulsory blind bets. As usual there two blinds: big and small. The amount of the big blind bet is usually equal to the amount of the minimum betting amount set by the rules, and the small blind size is the half of the big blind. Such bets are called blinds since they are made before the poker players see their hole or pocket cards. Blinds are live bets which can be called, raised, folded or checked.

Two pocket or hole cards are given to every gambler at the poker table. According to the basic poker casino rules the round of betting is started by the next poker player after the big blind.

Three cards are dealt face-up in the centre of the poker table. These community cards are called the Flop. This time the betting round is started by the poker player next after the button.

The fourth community card occurs. This is the Turn. The betting proceeds.

The fifth community card or the River occurs and the gamblers wager for the last time.

In the showdown the poker hands are evaluated and the winner is chosen. In case of the hands tie the game pot is divided.


The poker casino rules of Omaha are almost the same as the rules of Hold’em poker with the some differences. These differences are:

  • The players are given four pocket or hole cards each (but not two).
  • The players must use two of their pocket or hole cards and just three community cards to make five cards hand.
  • It is not permitted to Play the Board.

All the rest poker casino rules are similar. The game session starts with blinds posting. There are four rounds through the game: pre-flop, flop, turn and river. Like in Hold’em poker in the showdown the winner is indicated by the strongest value of the player’s hand.

Omaha Hi/Lo is also very widespread. The peculiarity of this poker version is that the pot is divided between two poker players that have the strongest and weakest hands.

3-Card Poker

Three Card poker is the poker based game which to tell the truth an American version of British game Brag. Both the player and dealer get three cards each. In Three Card poker there are two bets that are optional: Ante and PairPlus. So the gambler can post one of two bets or both at once. The Ante means that the poker player competes with the dealer for the strongest poker hand, while Pair Plus is the wager that the hand contains the pair or better.

In case the poker player posts PairPlus bet he/she is awarded according to the specific PairPlus payout table. When the Ante bet was posted the gambler must choose whether to fold or stay in the game. When the poker player stays he or she is to wager doubling the ante amount. Otherwise the dealer is winner and the gambler loses all the bets that have been posted.

In addition to compete for the win according to Three Card poker casino rules the dealer has to qualify, this means his/her hand must have Queen or better. In case not the game is completed and the player is paid out even money on the Ante bet and gets back the raise amount as a push. In case the dealer does qualify but the gambler has stronger hand then the player is gets even money or 1 to 1 on the Ante bet and receives the payoff on Raise bet according to the Raise payoff table. When the player’s hand has three of a kind, straight or straight flush the bonus is paid out according to the special Ante Bonus table.

Seven-Card Stud Poker

This poker game is the variation of stud games in which the gamblers receive the mix of exposed and hidden cards. As the poker casino rules dictate in Seven Card Stud poker every gambler receives seven cards five of which are used to make the poker hand. This is the structure of the game action:

  • The Ante bets are made by all the players.
  • Three cards are dealt to each player. Two cards are dealt hidden (hole or private cards) and one - face-up ( door card).
  • The round of betting.
  • One more exposed card known as the fourth street is dealt.
  • The round of betting.
  • Fifth street is dealt.
  • Betting.
  • Sixth street appears.
  • Fourth round of betting.
  • The final card or river is occurs face-down. If there are not enough cards to be dealt to all the players one community card is placed on the table.
  • There is a showdown. The hands are evaluated and the best hand wins.

Five Card Stud Poker

Five Card Stud is played much like the 7-Card Stud, however according to the poker casino rules of this game the gamblers receive five cards each. The cards can be dealt in different way, it much depends on the players’ agreement. Thus the players can receive 1 down, 4 up, or 1 down, 3 up, 1 down, or 2 down, 3 up. Like in Seven Card Stud every card deal is followed by betting. In some versions of Five Card Stud poker joker can be applied.

Caribbean Poker

To be precise, this poker game is the Five Card Stud with only exception in the betting poker casino rules: the gamblers receive all five cards through one deal and one of the dealer’s five cards is dealt face-up. This poker game is the competition between the player and dealer that’s why the objective of this poker variation is to beat the dealer’s poker hand. The game starts with ante bets placing and the winner is paid off according to the special payout tables.

Let it Ride Poker

In this game the gamblers play against the banker. The objective of this game is to obtain the highest five cards hand, pair or better. The game action begins with posting three bets of equal size. Three face-up cards are dealt to every player. Two community cards occur on the poker table. The poker players decide to quit or continue, actually this means “let it ride”. Later on the community cards are revealed one by one and after every card the poker players may give up. When all the cards are revealed the poker players check their hands. As the basic poker casino rules state, when you do not have pair or better you lose, otherwise you are paid according to the specific table. This game version is also sometimes called "Let'Em Ride" poker.