Limit Poker Betting Rules

Bankroll management influences greatly the success at poker game as well as any other game. Commonly all poker variations are in three forms: No Limit (or NL), Fixed Limit (or FL), Pot Limit (or PL). The form of the game represents its limit poker betting structure that sets the amount every gambler is allowed to bet in any betting round.

Fixed Limit

In the games with the such structure the raise and bet are limited which is usually explained by the game name. For example, in $5/$10 Fixed Texas Hold’em game the bets and raises amount during the first betting rounds can’t go beyond the $5 size and in the last rounds the betting limit is $10. Some fixed limit poker variations determine the certain number of raises in any round, that is also called “the cap”. Commonly the number of raises is limited to three, so the bet is allowed to be raised only three times in the round. During the last poker rounds of betting the cap may be increased (up to five).

Poker variations with the fixed limit poker betting structure are believed to be very safe as it is difficult to lose all chips at once because of the limits. That’s why fixed limit game variations are mostly popular among the new players.

Pot Limit

In pot limit games the gamblers regardless how much they are to call are permitted bet or raise the amount equal to the amount of the whole pot. Usually the minimum wager in such games is the amount of big blind bet and every bet can be raised just by the amount equal or higher than the preceding raise. Thus, the bet sizes in pot limit games are quite high during the final betting rounds that is why pot limit poker games are not so secure as the fixed limit form. Moreover, there is no betting cap in poker games with the pot limit structure.

No Limit

In such games there are no any limit poker betting amounts. The gamblers are permitted to bet even all chips they have at once. Though there are no maximum limits as in all poker games the smallest possible betting amount is determined by the specific rules. The raises sizes in no limit games must be higher or equal to the previous raise and there are no caps. In no limit games the player is allowed to bet all his or her money with the help of the all-in option and in such case the side pot is made. The gambler with the best hand gets the main pot ( with his or her all-in bet) and the next best player wins the side pot.

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