Gambling and Casinos: Know When to Claim a Casino Bonus

This article dives in to the topic of casino bonuses and elaborates on when it’s a good idea to claim one.  Most online casino’s offer client’s bonuses when they sign up as part of their promotion on subsequent deposits.  While some regular casinos have this offer only to those clients that are regular patrons to their facility. Although on the initial outlook it may seem like a good idea to always claim bonuses, sometimes this approach is not always the best.  This article discusses why it is not always a good idea to claim a casino bonus when gambling either online or in traditional casinos.

Most if not all casino bonuses require play through or rollover requirements.  What this means is that players must gamble their bonus amounts a certain number of times prior to requesting a withdrawal. Now if you happen to be one of those guys that gamble for the purposes of having fun and not really to win, then this is not such a bad thing, however, if you like most of other players that gamble do so for the lure of having a chance to win then, this can be a buzz kill.  This is because if a casino offering a bonus requires a 25 X’s play through, then a player has to gamble their bonus sum 25 x’s before they can put in a request to withdraw. 

A further explanation of how casino bonuses work can be can be seen from the following example: let’s say that a casino offers a 200% match bonus on a players deposit an necessitates a 25 X’s play through, In such a case if the player deposits $100 they will be required to gamble $5000 (i.e. $200 x 5) before being permitted to make a withdrawal.  Although this may sound like quite a lot, it can however be accomplished easier than most players think. Players that are new to the game and do not wish to gamble such a large amount of money should generally avoid accepting casino bonuses. 

For most online casinos it is necessary that a client firstly makes a deposit before being offered to claim a bonus. Still, for each country there’s a group of casinos offering no-deposit bonuses that vary from $10 to $1500 for cashable bonuses, and up to 1000 free spins for non-cashable ones. For instance, if you’re a Canadian player, a Maple Gaming web-site would be a nice find. They’ve composed a very helpful table of casino bonus offers for Canadian players specially..

Some players that accept bonuses are lucky or fortunate enough to win large amounts of money, however due to the fact that they claimed a bonus, they have to keep playing until they meet the play through requirements before making a withdraw – a process that most times than not leads players to turning a loss not only on their wining but also their deposit amount.