Omaha Poker Basics



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Besides poker, most players find great fun and profit playing other land and online games.

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# Poker Casino US Rate Bonus
1. Titan Poker 10 $200
2. PokerStars OK 10 $50
3. Players Only OK 10 $650
4. Sportsbook OK 10 $650
5. Bwin 9 $250
6. Full Tilt OK 9 $600
7. Mansion 8 $500
8. Carbon Poker OK 7 $500
9. Bodog 6 $500
10. Hollywood 6 $2500

Betting position

Not many players know that even in a heads up poker game, the position in the betting sequence is important. Button raise is considered one of the most commonly used techniques to increase your winning chances.

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Poker Tips & Tricks

Tricky bets get you into tough position and leave you with a hard choice. Do not get caught up by tricky bets. Plan your game ahead and set the max and min betting limits. This way you will play longer and enjoy the game more.

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Taking risks

Winning at poker wouldn't be pos­sible if you don't take risks at all. Without hand­ling trouble­some si­tu­ations it isn't pos­sible to win. However, keep in mind that other players are watching you and will notice any suspicious behavior.

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