Anyone can play poker now it’s online

Poker used to be a game that was reserved for those who knew how to play. If you didn’t, you might find it hard to get into a game, and once you did, you’d probably be easily beaten by more experienced players. Today is probably one of the best times ever to get into playing poker as you can play the game online. Of course, there are lots of poker pros out there playing online too, but for new players there are also lower value games, where you can learn your skills.

All the sites that host poker games will want you to sign up with them rather than the next site that catches your eye, so they all do their best to woo new players with attractive welcome bonuses and other incentives to join.

If you click here for 32Red online casino and go to the poker tab, you’ll see what we’re talking about. There’s an opportunity to earn up to $1,000 poker bonus during the first thirty days of being a member on the site. The bonus you qualify for is calculated by the number of Redbacks (loyalty points) you earn through entering different games, including Sit & Go, Cash and Scheduled tournaments.

As well as the chance to earn cash through Redbacks, you’ll also have the right to take part in six freeroll tournaments where there’s a guaranteed $500 pot up for grabs. The freerolls run weekly and it’s a great way to learn your poker skills. As you’re only playing new players, the competition shouldn’t be too fierce, but everyone playing is playing to the best of their ability so that they can take home the pot. It’s a real training ground for poker newbies!

And new players on 32 Red can also join in six New Player Turbo games, where for the entry fee of $1 they get to play in a game where the site has added $500 to the pot, so again, a chance to play in a high-value game.

Of course, every site has similar welcome incentives for new players, and if you wanted to, you could sign up at a number of poker sites and take advantage of these bonuses, while you’re developing your own poker strategy. One thing to consider when choosing where to play is the accessibility of the games, how easy it is to pay money in and withdraw it via the cashier and the variety of games on the site. Most sites offer a wide range of games, but you’ll discover which ones are your favourites over time.

Once you’ve decided where you like playing best though, you should try to play consistently at one site, so that you earn more loyalty points that you can trade in for further promotions and bonuses.