Five-Card Draw Poker Game Rules and Odds

Today, there are lots of variations of poker to play, but before the famous Omaha, Texas hold’em and other poker variations it is the five card draw poker which is the granddaddy of all. The very first poker game that everyone knows is the 5 card draw because of its simplicity. If you are reading this article, then you are already familiar with other basic terms of poker. And you can start to play at online casino and enjoy winnings making use of casino promos. Don’t miss your Unibet Bonus.


The 5 card draw poker is mainly played with six players around the table. You can either choose to play using no limit, pot limit or limit poker. It can also be played using blind bets as well as antes and each player will be dealt with 5 cards that are private and concealed for the eyes of the player only.

Betting rounds and Draw

In 5 draw poker, you will not find any exposed cards and you will only play for two rounds of betting. The first one is right before the draw and the second one is right after the draw. Once the initial betting round is done, then it is time for the draw. Every player will be given the chance to replace his or her cards in order to get better hands. A player can choose to discard any of the cards in exchange for new card, but some variations of the game limit the draw up to 3 cards. If you think that you are holding the best cards, then you can choose to keep your cards and this is known as “standing pot”. Right after the second draw or the final round, then the betting will start.

Calculating Odds

You will find wide range of combinations for starting hands and number of cards to draw. The rule is for you to count the number of unseen cards or “out” that can advance your game play and compare it to the total of unseen cards. There are different concepts as well as strategies that you can apply in poker games. With draw game, there are two possible ways for you to mislead your opponents. First is the way you bet and the second one is to mask the real strength of your hand through the number of card that you draw. With only two rounds of betting, it is easy to know why five cards draw losses its appeal to poker player as more action pack variation of poker games was introduced.

The five card draw is where modern day poker games came from. You can try this game for fun and find out how it has helped in developing other forms of poker games. Experience poker players who have been playing the game for many years will surely remember five card draw poker. It can be played at home with your family or friends, but this basic poker game is not present inside land based casinos. You can teach this game to your kids, so they can also play cards while you play more advance poker game.